Comparison between Grease and Blue Remembered Hills

In this comparison between Blue Remembered Hills and Grease I shall firstly start by looking at the characters of grease and then I shall look at the characters of Blue Remembered Hills, then (if there are any) I will state any comparisons between characters. In Grease we meet Danny, Sandy, Rizzo, Kenickie, Jan, Marty, Rodder, Doody and Sonny, and they introduce us to Rydell High, were we watch them during their senior year.

Danny is the leader of the T-birds, and his cool, leather-jacketed image, make him a hit with the ladies, he also comes across as that he (sort of… loves himself, as he (and the rest of the boys) tend to like playing with their hair. Sandy is Danny’s Love interest in Grease, and she is very ‘pure’, and is very innocent and nave, but when she loses Danny over and over again, she realises that if she wants her man, then she’s going to have to change, therefore two scenes are triggered by this notation, at the end of the Thunder Road scene, when Sandy asks Frenchy that she’s “got an idea”, and on the last day of school, when Sandy reveals her new self to Danny and we see “You’re The One That I Want”

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Blue Remembered Hills is set in the west-country in 1943, and war is still looming in the air, whilst The setting of Grease is in America, and instead of the characters being children, they are fully grown teenagers and whom are about to leave school, Grease is set in a high school called Rydell High, whilst the children in Blue Remembered Hills are evacuees from the second world war and this is why this is set in southern England, away from the capital, where many evacuees where sent during the war. The Society at the times that both these plays were set is extremely varied.

When we look at Grease we see that the economy is booming as a result of the war as America only joined WW2 towards the end and didn’t lose any large amount of soldiers, though life was lost. Because of this America didn’t need to borrow any money from other countries to help get the U. S. A back on its feet as it wasn’t severely damaged. The Economic boom during the 50’s meant that everybody suddenly became wealthy, and as prices plummeted, everything was cheap and so teenagers had enough money to buy things like Personalised leather jackets, Cigarettes and Cars.

They were also allowed nights out as Diners and Drive in movies opened. But when we look at Blue Remembered Hills the picture isn’t quite so glittery around the edges, the children are living in the English countryside as evacuees from the Second World War, and times are hard, money is short and the children are literally living in rags, and also they cannot afford toys so they are making so with what they have, e. g. Twigs for guns.

Healthcare at the time Blue Remembered Hills was written was quite minimal as most of the governments money at the time was spent on treating soldiers injured from the war but in the 1950’s where grease is set, Healthcare was radically improved as after the war every area of each hospital was Improved to provide comfort for patients whilst they received treatment. The Performance of grease is all about…….. compared to blue remembered hills where that is all about………….. The issues of both love, war pregnancy, childhood, teenagers are raised…… Grease is a musical performance, it could be seen as a sort of comedy as the teens in Grease tend to lark about a bit, this is a complete transformation when we look at blue remembered hills where that is set in the time of the second world war, and the characters aren’t teenagers…. their children. Also that the type of script is varied as Grease was written originally for the stage, blue remembered hills was written for television.

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