Universal Health Care

Imagine a nation where health care is provided by the government to its citizens at no cost right out of pocket, sounds like a nice country. The United States of America does not provide universal health care for its citizens, but it could. There are many other countries in the world that provide health care for all of its citizens and it works out for them. According to ABC News, around fifty million Americans were uninsured in 2005. With universal health care the amount of people who are uninsured would greatly decrease.

The government in the United States should provide universal health care because it would create a longer life expectancy amongst the citizens, it would make health care affordable for the people that cannot afford to pay for health insurance, and citizens would visit the doctor more often since they would be able to afford it. Although health care should be universal and paid for by the government not everyone agrees. Some people are against universal health care because they fear that their taxes might be raised to help pay for the universal health care.

But when it comes to the health and well-being of a nation an extra cost in taxes should be worth it considering how it could do so much for the people and would benefit thousands of citizens. Also, health care does not necessarily have to be paid for by a raise in taxes but could be paid for out of pocket, by employers, or other ways. Others worry that universal health care will cause patients to not receive as good of care due to crowding in medical areas.

Universal health care will make sure that everyone receives equal care and creates equality among the people and their health care. With universal health care many more people would be able to seek medical attention which would most likely bring a need for more people in the medical field which would open an opportunity for more jobs. Another reason that some are against health care is because they don’t find it fair that those who are healthy and take care of themselves should have to pay for the health of those who do not take care of themselves.

At some point or another those healthy people may need to see a doctor for some reason or another, whether it be for a regular checkup or even something as small as allergies so everyone would benefit from universal health care in some way. If health care were to become universal and available for all qualifying citizens then the life expectancy in the United States would increase. People would become more informed about their health and would actually go to the doctor. Then people would become healthier and would be able to live longer which in the end would increase the life span in The United States.

For example, in Japan universal health care is provided for all the citizens and Japan has the highest life expectancy rate in the world and also has less child mortalities than the United States. Due to the health care provided their life span is so high and since they can go to the doctor freely at no cost they can detect many illnesses. In addition, the United States is ranked 37th in life expectancy this may be due to the fact that most people in the United States cannot afford health care. With the help of the government by providing health care for all the citizens the life expectancy would increase highly.

Also, by providing health care for its citizens then the government could be saving a huge amount of lives. Studies show that about eighteen thousand people a year lose their lives due to the fact that they are uninsured. With universal health care not only does it provide people with a longer and healthier life but it can actually say their lives. For example, if someone cannot afford health insurance then they cannot go to the doctor in case they are sick or even if they have no obvious symptoms if they cannot go to the doctor for regular checkups then they cannot know if they are seriously ill.

If universal health care is provided then they can prevent illnesses before they develop or help stop an illness they may have. If health care were to become universal then everyone would be able to afford health insurance. The main reason people do not have health care is because they cannot afford it and the price continues to increase more and more. For example, the United States has one of the lowest amounts of people with health care. The price for health care continues to increase and less people are able to afford it. If more money is spent on health care then people who need it would finally be able to afford it.

According to the documentary Frontline: Sick Around the World, if the government in the United States can provide education for all, protection for all and give everyone basic rights then the United States should be able to provide health care for all. The United States is a very advanced country and if other countries can have universal health care and be successful with it then the United States should be able to have success with it as well. Also, studies show that around 700,000 people a year go bankrupt due to health care costs; Something like that is unheard of in other countries who have universal health care.

About half of all bankruptcies in the United States are caused by the high costs of health insurance which leads to people not being able to afford their medical bills. The documentary Sicko, says that about ninety percent of Americans believe that the American health care systems needs to be completely rebuilt or needs many changes. ABC News states that, Federal spending for health care totaled more than $600 billion in 2005, or roughly one quarter of the federal budget.

The government spends a lot of money on the health care system, yet not all of its citizens have health insurance or seek the medical attention that they need. Also, if health care were to become universal then people would begin to go to the doctor and to the hospital more often whether for an emergency or for regular checkups. For example, if someone has health insurance and is covered then they are more likely to visit the doctor than someone who has to pay for their visits and most likely cannot afford it.

Also, if someone goes for a checkup at the doctor or is sick and they need medication and are not insured then they have to pay for the medication that they would need; which would be a whole other cost for them. If people do not have to worry about the cost for their insurance or how they will pay for their visits to the doctor then they will go to the doctor regularly. Some people try their best to avoid going to the doctor because they simply cannot afford it. For example, a close friend of my sister’s recently started getting really sick but could not afford the doctor visit.

She tried to put it off for a while and tried plenty of home remedies but knew she needed to go to the doctor. She had a pain in her throat that only kept getting worse, as it got worse over time she decided she needed to go to the doctor. She went to the doctor to get it checked out but found out she had an infection and needed surgery that same day. She panicked and cried since she did not know what to do. She called her mom and her mom had no choice but to help her pay for the surgery since she could not pay for it on her own.

Universal health care might be exactly what the United States needs. Universal health care would be a big step for the United States but it would help improve the nation in many ways. There are some people that are not completely for universal health care but it could be successful in the United States and would help a lot of people out in many ways. The United States could follow in the footsteps of other countries such as Japan to provide universal health care. Universal health care would help the overall life span increase in the United States by creating a healthier nation.

Universal health care could also decrease the amount of deaths in America and would save many lives. Everyone would receive equal health care because it would become affordable to all. It would create a sense of equality among citizens. Also, people would become healthier because they would be able to visit the doctor or hospital more often and for all their needs since many do not go to the doctor or hospital because they cannot afford it. According to the documentary Sicko, the United States is the only industrialized country in the world without a universal health insurance system.

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